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The First Sessions is a compilation album of Warren Zevon's early works from the 1960s released in 2003. It contains tracks recorded while Zevon was in lyme & cybelle and many other tracks created before Wanted Dead or Alive, as well as an early demo for "A Bullet for Ramona". The album also includes two lyme & cybelle songs from after Wayne Erwin replaced Zevon as lyme.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Follow Me" - lyme & cybelle
  2. "Like the Seasons" - lyme & cybelle for The Turtles
  3. "I've Just Seen a Face" [Demo Version] - lyme & cybelle from The Beatles
  4. "Peeping and Hiding" [Harmonica Version] - lyme & cybelle from Jimmy Reed
  5. "If You Gotta Go, Go Now" - lyme & cybelle from Bob Dylan
  6. "I'll Go On" - lyme & cybelle
  7. "Follow Me [Demo Version] - lyme & cybelle
  8. "(You Used To) Ride So High" [Demo Version] - The Motorcycle Abeline (Zevon and Bones Howe)
  9. "Outside Chance" [Demo Version] - Warren Zevon for The Turtles
  10. "I See the Lights" [Demo Version] - Warren Zevon
  11. "And If I Had You" [Demo Version] - Warren Zevon
  12. "A Bullet for Ramona" [Demo Version] - Warren Zevon
  13. "Song 7" - lyme & cybelle (Wayne Erwin vocals)
  14. "Write If You Get Work" - lyme & cybelle (Wayne Erwin vocals)

Personnel Edit

  • Warren Zevon - vocals, guitar, bass
  • Bob Thompson - conductor
  • Tommy Tedesco - guitar
  • Dennis Budimir - guitar
  • Lenny Malarsky - violin
  • Joe DiFiore - viola
  • Joe Saxon - cello
  • Jessie Erlich - cello
  • Ollie Mitchell - trumpet
  • Jules Chaiken - trumpet
  • Dick Leith - trombone
  • Lou Blackburn - trombone
  • Larry Knechtel - piano, organ
  • Lyle Ritz - bass
  • Bones Howe - drums, percussion
  • Toxie French - drums
  • Michelle O'Malley - background vocals
  • Sandy Salisbury - background vocals
  • Violet Santangelo - vocals
  • Wayne Erwin - vocals

Producers: Bones Howe, Warren Zevon, Curt Boettcher.

Compilation producers: Cary E. Mansfield, Bones Howe.

Principally recorded in 1966. Includes liner notes by Dawn Eden.

Liner Note Author: Dawn Eden.

Photographer: Laura Kenyon (Violet Santangelo)

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