"I Need A Truck" is a short humorous song written and sang by Warren Zevon which never made it past demo form during the creation of Excitable Boy. The voice-only demo recording was released as an extra feature when the remastered version of the album was released in 2007.

About the Song Edit

The song describes a man wishing to acquire a fleet of trucks for several cynical purposes, such as hauling his guns, alcohol, and one night stands away. He even wants one to haul his body away when he's dead and to haul his pain away.

Lyrics Edit

Note: the text of this song's lyrics is not under the same copyright license as the wiki's encyclopedic text, it is used under fair use/dealing.

I need a truck to haul my pain

I need a truck just to haul around my name

I need a truck to haul all the womens from my bed

I need a truck to haul my body when I'm dead

I need a truck to haul my guns to town

I need a truck to haul my bad thoughts around

I need a truck to haul my percodan and gin

And I need a truck to haul all my trucks in

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